Shampoo – Hair Elixir

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What is Hair Elixir Shampoo?

Hair Elixir Shampoo is a Secondary Treatment from the “Hair Elixir” range.

This product was created at the request of customers to have a product “similar” to other shampoos of this kind, mainly promoted on TV.

Unfortunately, many times you have mistaken Hair Elixir Lozione for a shampoo and compared the price of two different products.

So that there is no more such confusion, we offer you this Shampoo, far superior to the shampoos on TV that claim to get rid of white hair.

Unlike those shampoos, Hair Elixir Shampoo has the following benefits:

  • It is 3 times more effective than any other similar shampoo.
  • Unlike other companies that give you a shampoo for every problem, Hair Elixir Shampoo is a single shampoo that helps solve all problems.
  • Hair Elixir Shampoo contains special additives that accelerate and intensify the effects of the Hair Elixir Lotion treatment.

Although compared to other similar products, Hair Elixir Shampoo is much more effective, we do not recommend using this product on its own. Instead, we recommend using this shampoo in tandem with Lozione Hair Elixir.

What Hair Elixir Shampoo does

  • Hair Elixir Shampoo works in the same way as the Lozione treatment, only on a smaller scale. It can be used without this treatment only during maintenance periods.
  • If you use this product from the beginning without treatment, the effects will be seen, but not fully.
  • In addition to the effects that this product offers separately, it also contains additives that increase the performance of the Lozione treatment.
  • Hair Elixir Shampoo is of course a shampoo and can replace your usual shampoo.

How to Use

  • Use Hair Elixir Shampoo as you would any normal shampoo.
  • After applying shampoo to your hair, we recommend rinsing it out after washing the rest of your body to give it as much time as possible to work.
  • If this is your first time using the shampoo, unscrew the cap to remove the seal underneath.

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