About Sereni Capelli

Sereni Capelli factory

Our factory is located in Veneto, Italy.
Here we manufacture for you, Italian Cosmetics products, of the highest quality, using the most advanced machines.
Our staff is ultra qualified and they are very responsible.
Hygiene is very important to us and we always keep the factory clean, to make sure that no impurities appear in the products that reach you.

In short: We are an Italian factory in Italy and we produce for you, Italian quality cosmetics, following all European Union norms.

Sereni Capelli Laboratory

We have been conducting research in the laboratory for over 20 years.
All products and product variants that go on sale are the result of many years of research in our laboratories.
The products are tested for at least 2 years in our laboratories, and after these 2 years, other dermatological tests follow, to make sure that you use the products in complete safety.

Sereni Capelli Corporation

Sereni Capelli is an international brand and we have partners and distributors in many countries.
Currently, Sereni Capelli products can be purchased from all over the European Union, but also from the UK, USA, Canada and other countries close to these territories.

However, we are always willing to enter into partnerships with new partners or distributors.
If you are interested in becoming our partner or distributor, please send us an email at contact@serenicapelli.com

Sereni Capelli Warehouse

Sereni Capelli’s main warehouse is in Italy.
From here, we distribute the products to the warehouses of our partners and distributors.
In each country where Sereni Capelli products are delivered, there is a warehouse managed either by our partner or by the local distributor, to ensure that the products reach you as soon as possible.