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Hair Elixir Clasic – 250ml

Rating 5/5


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Hir Elixir is Hair Treatment which provides you with the following benefits.

The product comes with instructions for use in 16 different languages.

  • White Hair Treatment
  • Hairloss & Alopecia Treatment
  • Hair Growth treatment
  • Dandruff & Dermatitis Treatment
  • Capilar Bacteria Treatment

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Feedback What people say about our product?

Verified Customer
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Bought for mom who had big hair loss problems. The problems were solved after 2 weeks.
Verified Customer
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I mention that the white threads kept closing from one week to the next and probably in 2-3 weeks they will reach the same color ...
Verified Customer
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It is a very good product if used according to the instructions! Initially, my husband bought it and did not follow the instructions.
Verified Customer
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In my case, the effects appeared from the first days. A week later, the white threads were covered. I think it was an advantage ...
Verified Customer
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As it was in the commercial :) "I would never go back to white hair". Yes, it is effective, it is definitely worth the money.
Verified Customer
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An excellent product. Nothing to blame. For whom the price is a problem, I recommend the packages with several bottles ...
Verified Customer
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I won the war! Problems with white hair date back to 10 years ago, when they first appeared. White was not an ordinary one ...
Verified Customer
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It's a product that does exactly what it says. I have been using it for over a year and it has made my life easier. One bottle is enough for me ...
Verified Customer
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I recommend this product. The effect is visible from the first week. My husband uses it and is very satisfied ...
Verified Customer
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Very satisfied! I recommend with confidence, fix what is written in the description! 100% recommend!
Verified Customer
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Excellent! Fast delivery, product according to the presentation
Verified Customer
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Very good. Visible results appeared after about 2 weeks. I am very satisfied. I used it twice a day ...
Verified Customer
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PRO: I don't have white hair anymore and it doesn't wash. It leaves no traces like paint and is easy to apply ...
Verified Customer
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I've been using it for almost a year and I really don't have white hair anymore. Considering one year of use, it is cheaper ...


One treatment for all problems!

  • Do you have White or Grey Hair?
  • Are you Loosing Your Hair?
  • Do you want your hair to grow faster?
  • Do you want more Hair?
  • Do you have Dandruff or Dermatitis?
  • Do you want a thicker hair?
  • Do you want a hydrated and shiny hair?

Hair Elixir is a Scalp and Hair Treatment, which has the following effects:

  • Return White/Grey Hair back to it’s Natural Color
  • Hair will continue to grow Natural Color, instead of White/Grey
  • Stops Hair Loss
  • Helps Hair Growth
  • Thicken the Hair
  • Treats Dermatitis and Dandruff
  • Rehydrates the Scalp and Hair
  • Restores Hair Shine
  • Regulates Sebum secretion

Hair Elixir can be used by anyone, regardless of age.

  • Ladies
  • Men
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • People under treatment
  • People allergic to Hair Dye

Hair Elixir from Sereni Capelli is the product that works guaranteed!

Hair Elixir is the most innovative product in the cosmetic field! A treatment that heals and rejuvenates the hair and scalp, solving several hair and scalp problems at the same time.

What Hair Elixir does is to make up for the lack of certain nutrients in the scalp and stimulates the body to produce again the needed nutrients, to restore the hair to its natural color. Although it was created to restore the natural color of the hair, Hair Elixir has miraculous properties that offer several benefits at the same time.


Hair Elixir is a product made in Italy, dermatologically tested and approved according to the European Directive ” 93/35 / EEC “, amendment ” 6/768 / EEC “, in the European Union having PIF: N ° 1206/101 , according to the regulations of the European Parliament ” CE 1223/2009


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