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What is Hair Elixir Intense Gel?

Hair Elixir Gel Intenso is a Secondary Treatment from the “Hair Elixir” range.

A UNIQUE PRODUCT IN THE WORLD, created in the Sereni Capelli laboratories in Italy at the request of customers who wanted an additional product that could be used in tandem with “Hair Elixir Lozione” and have similar effects.

This product can replace your styling products.
Unlike normal hair gels that attack the roots, this product has no such effect, quite the contrary, it repairs what other styling products have damaged.

Hair Elixir Gel Intenso has approximately the same effects as Hair Elixir Lozione, but with a 20% lower concentration.

Intenso Gel is a secondary product because it cannot totally replace the Lozione treatment, instead it contains additives that accelerate and intensify the effects of the treatment by up to 100%.

Intenso Gel can be used as the main product during the maintenance period, accompanied by Hair Elixir Shampoo.

What makes Hair Elixir Intense Gel

  • Gel Intenso works in the same way as the Lozione treatment, only on a smaller scale. Can be used without treatment, only during maintenance periods.
  • If you use this product from the beginning without the Lozione treatment, the effects will be seen, but not fully.
  • In addition to the effects that this product offers separately, it also contains additives that increase the performance of the Lozione Treatment.
  • Intenso Gel is of course also a styling product, so it can be used like any normal hair gel.

How to Use

Intense gel has no special conditions of use.

  • Shake the bottle before use
  • Can be used like any premium hair gel to style hair.
  • Being a premium product, it is not necessary to apply a lot of product to the hair. One bottle of Intenso gel can easily replace 5 bottles of normal hair gel.
  • WARNING! Wash your hands thoroughly with soap after use, especially under the fingernails.

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